高级管理会计课程中的案例研究-lilian chan (McMaster University)

主  题: 高级管理会计课程中的案例研究

内容简介: Five years ago, Alice Smith completed her degree in Accounting. The economy was in a depressed state at that time, and Alice managed to get an offer of only C$35,000 as a bookkeeper. In addition to its relatively low pay, this job had limited advancement potential. Alice declined this offer and started a business of her own. She was convinced that because of changing lifestyles, a drive-through bagel shop would be profitable. Alice named her business The Bagel Stop and decided to sell a variety of bagels and coffee.

As the management consultant, Cynthia Patricia Atkinson, design a new organizational structure for The Bagel Stop. Also identify any control and performance evaluation issues related to the new organizational structure. Justify your recommendations.
报告人: lilian chan      教授    博导

时  间: 2017-12-05    13:30

地  点: 敏行楼205

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